Choithram Trust visit to the school

31st January 2017 was a hallmark day for Choithram International as the student representatives of various projects from MYP got chance to meet and interact with the Board Members of the Choithram Foundation, whose vision is the mission of the school’s stake holders. The members first visited the Early years class where they were amused […]

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GEG Students Leader Workshop

CI believes in equipping its learners with 21st century skills that will help them in making their mark in the real world.

CI, being the centre of all Google Applications For Education (GAFE) activity at Indore, aims at empowering its student community, and working towards this outcome, a GEG workshop was held for MYP and DP […]

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Choithram International Gone-Google – Best Tagline Competition

Students of MYP enthusiastically engaged their artistic abilities to create attractive and informative taglines in a competition highlighting the recognition of CI as a “Gone-Google” school. 

Ishaan, Arushi and Vedant of MYP-1 were declared winners, as they beautifully presented the use of Google Apps at CI.

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Lunch-and-Learn GAFE Session for PYP Teachers

CI organised a lunch-and-learn session for PYP teachers, on using GAFE (Google Applications for Education). The agenda for the session was to promote and discuss integration of these dynamic tools in the teaching-learning process.

Teachers were given hands-on training through scenarios based on different areas of functioning of the school. They had to integrate GAFE tools and come […]

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CIMUN Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony began at 5pm. Prof. D. L. Sunder – seasoned educationist and professor at IIM-Indore, was the Chief Guest for the event.

The students of CI, including special needs student – Bhuvanesh, presented a brilliant orchestral piece. The audience gave Bhuvanesh a standing ovation.

Thereafter, Prof. Sunder spoke to the students about thinking about the […]

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PYP Student Council Election

Now this is the time to form a new student body for PYP. Election process experienced by the students at the school level makes them conscious future citizens of the country.

We began the election process of our 4th and 5th Graders last week. After the nomination of students, campaigns officially kicked off on 26th July. The […]

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C I Achievements in SOF Olympiads second level

Akshat Shahjade (MYP 1 B) is being awarded the 2nd Academic Excellence Scholarship (AES) for exceptional all round performance in SOF Olympiad exams. He has secured 2nd zonal rank in IMO, 4th zonal rank in NCO and 13th zonal rank in NSO. SOF has awarded him with silver medal, gift voucher, a cheque of Rs. […]

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French Fiesta

Today, on 14th July 2016, Choithram International celebrated the ‘French Day’ or ‘Le Jour de Bastille’ (The Bastille Day), with great enthusiasm as a part of school convention.

It was a wonderful display of French culture and traditions.

The event was jam-packed with melodious group songs, breath-taking dances, comic skits based on the theme of French-English cognates […]

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First MYP Assembly Session – 2016-17

The new session’s assembly of MYP was a well-executed one by the teachers. It was a complete package with one performance mellifluously flowing into the other.

In the assembly the teachers performed a variety of acts – a prayer, a solo-song, a thought, news, a narration with a video presentation, instrumental music, an inspirational presentation with […]

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PYP Exhibition 2016: An unforgettable moment to be cherished forever….

Its an immense pleasure for CI to present the glimpse of PYP 5 learners’ Exhibition Journey 2016!!

The sparklers of PYP 5 are reflecting on their learning process on this Saturday Evening. Watch the invitation to know more: Click here to watch invitation

The learners of PYP 5 while learning about the issue “Intolerance” came up with […]

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Admissions Open

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