PYP Curriculum

The PYP Programme of Inquiry is a matrix made up of six Transdisciplinary themes (Who we are; Where we are in time and place; How we express ourselves; How the world works; How we organize ourselves; and Sharing the Planet).

Each Transdisciplinary Theme is accompanied by an extended description that explains what students will be inquiring into under this theme. It is used as a tool to ensure the balance of the Units of Inquiry under each theme. Six transdisciplinary themes provide the framework for units of inquiry at each grade level and these form the school’s Programme of Inquiry available as a PDF:

POI 16-17


MYP Curriculum

Here is an Curriculum outline and summary of the topics covered in each subject in each year of the MYP. This  curriculum ensures a fair understanding  between what is expected from the facilitator and the students. It provides a road map of the course’s organisation.

The curriculum also has a detailed mention of the assessments, their dates of submission, grading rubrics so that there is clarity and efficient learning.
DP Curriculum
 Under Construction