International-mindedness isn’t something that can be taught in discrete lessons on the odd Friday afternoon, it’s a ‘frame of mind’ and as such needs time to develop” – Steven Mark.

The DP1 students of Choithram International had an inter-cultural sharing with the AIESEC interns from different countries and cultures around the world to promote international understanding and world peace, where they explored the intercultural dialogue, culinary and decorating traditions, fashion, dance and music, politics, sports, festivals etc. It was a two day program where the interns from Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Egypt, Africa and Brazil proudly explained about their nations and on the eve of India’s 69th Independence day the students of CI being proud of the rich culture and heritage of India, and proved their sense of belonging. They explained their dance and music through their performance and the native sport (Kabadi) was demonstrated through a pseudo game.

Both the students and the AIESEC interns have accredited the fact that they have gained ability to see things from more than our own perspective which has surely enabled them to be more open-minded and therefore more internationally-minded.



Keeping in tune with the IB philosophy of international-mindedness, the DP students have always looked forward to DP Global Awareness Sessions. This facet to DP assemblies had been introduced over a year ago. The idea behind this initiative was to shape our students into true global citizens of the world.

This Global Awareness Session was held on 21st July, where DP students and AISEC interns sat in groups. Each table was given a case study on a current social / cultural / political issue in the countries of China, Hong Kong, Korea, Egypt and Afghanistan. Each case study had a question at the end, which guided the students to analyse the issue and give an answer. Issues ranged from cultural differences, political issues, socio-economic issues etc.

Where the issue of ban on Facebook in China was discussed, the student team spoke about how social media was banned in China, which the Chinese intern then went on to contradict. He clarified the fact that though Facebook is banned, there are other Chinese social media platforms that are accepted and used widely.

Another issue discussed was considering an employment opportunity in conflict-ridden Egypt. Would you accept a job offer from Egypt? The student team said they wouldn’t and went on to support their stand with examples. The intern from Egypt then came on stage and agreed with the student team, saying it would be next to impossible to work in circumstances that are prevailing in Egypt currently.

All students and interns participated with enthusiasm and came up with very pertinent points for all issues. The interns coming on stage and speaking out their views gave the gathering local perspectives on the issues.