The House system is of great importance to school life. Its function is to inculcate the spirit of healthy competition among students and encourage it within school. The inter – House activities give all students the opportunity to participate in representative sport, music and other activities with the aim of raising self esteem, developing self-confidence and giving opportunities for leadership and teamwork beyond those already available within school.

A school is divided into a number of houses and each student is allocated to one house. Houses may compete with one another at sports and maybe in other ways, thus providing a focus for group loyalty or teamwork.

At Choithram International we have four Houses named Gandhi, Lincoln, Mandela and Tagore; these names represent certain qualities & attributes which personified in these iconic figures. They helped in carving the principled modern world that we live in today.

These are the Houses of our school with their mottos:


Abraham Lincoln was considered the wisest President of America. He was known for abolishing slavery and winning the American Civil War. He prevented the nation from dividing. Thus Lincoln House’s motto “Unity Is Strength” is quite apt. Lincoln’s unique style of leadership involved telling stories, which explained his actions and influenced others to follow his lead. He possessed qualities of kindness, compassion, which he combined with wisdom and added to his skillful leadership; which, could almost, always win over an enemy, or soften them to his perspective.

MK Gandhi was known for his peaceful but effective protests against injustice, discrimination & inequality in South Africa and India. He was famous for leading his people by his example and working to achieve freedom and equality for all, in India and in Africa. The motto of this House is “Now Or Never”, which teaches us to act instantly without wasting any opportunity.

Rabindranath Tagore’s role in India’s independence movement was to inspire faith in the dream that was unfulfilled. Without faith there was no future to be created. Tagore said, “It is the dreamer who builds up civilization; it is he who can realize the spiritual unity reigning supreme over all differences of race.” Instilling national pride, he believed that India must earn her freedom. The motto of this House explains the same spirit “Never Give In”.

Nelson R Mandela was an anti-apartheid activist and leader of the African National Congress. He had spearheaded the struggle against apartheid and spent 27 years in prison for this. In South Africa and internationally, Mandela became a symbol of freedom and equality for his opposition to apartheid. Later, his support for reconciliation and negotiation helped lead the transition to multi-racial democracy in South Africa. Thus, the motto of this House truly represents his belief “Service Before Self”.