The library at Choithram International aspires to make every aspect of the library experience appealing and enjoyable for the student as well as the teachers. We are accoutered with a wide range of resources as books, encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers and ebooks that are available for children’s private study and reading as well as in the students’. We encourage the reading for pleasure by providing access to the electronic resources and cultivate children’s research and enquiry skills  during our library lessons. We also make the library a fun and exciting place to be with lots of activities.



Information literacy is a set of abilities requiring individuals to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and effectively use the needed information. These skills are critical to student’s success in our society’s complex environment of rapid technological change and proliferating information resources.

Technological competency and online search skills are important in providing students with the practical ability to locate and access information sources. However, information literacy requires a complex understanding of the nature, construction, and distribution of information, independent of technology. This is where the PYP Library plays a very important and effective role when these young learners are imbibing the skills of Information Literacy in their structure of guided inquiry into the multifaceted units of inquiry. This is the place where they come in contact with primary resources for their learning and pleasure reading.

Since Information Literacy is a higher order skill and needs to be developed gradually in the growing years at PYP, the younger grades go to the library for pleasure reading where guided reading sessions are conducted by the teacher-librarian and students are made aware of the physical cataloging of the books and their placement. The higher grades at PYP are trained by the teacher- librarian to locate information once they have identified a primary resource as their reference book for their inquiry. The next stage to locating information is the skill of evaluating whether the information is of any use for his inquiry and once that is decided, he learns to use that information effectively in the journey of his learning. Apart for that Library at PYP is also the area of Language Art enhancement where they are taught the various facets of language art such as, reading for pleasure, reciting poetries, enacting poetry theatres and guided reading sessions by the teacher –librarian.