C&S is an integral and important part of the IB Middle Years Program. The IBO believes that learning does not only occur in the classroom, but also beyond the boundar­ies of the school. C&S provides students the opportunity for experiential learning. Students not only develop their own skills, attitudes, traits and interests, but also contribute responsibly to the community of which they are a part.

In Choithram international, there is an appropriate provision for students to interact with society. Students are encouraged to make connections between their academic and social development and the benefits that they can bring to the community.

In order to complete the Community and Service portion of the MYP, students will need to become actively involved in their community. The aim of this involvement is to help young people develop an awareness and concern for their community, a sense of responsibility, and skills that will aid them in making valuable contributions to society. The school is a central part of the community. Students may earn up a large portion of their community and service by participating in various school activities.

MYP Community  Service activities

Students of each grade will be assigned a community project with their target areas (list is given below), where students have to visit twice a month on Saturdays.

MYP-1: Anubhuti Seva Sansthan (Special children home)
MYP-2: Care of souls for slums charitable society
MYP-3: Rotary Paul school (for mentally challenged children)
MYP-4: Crime against women (In association with MP Police department)
MYP-5: Recycling Project (In house activities)

Activities will be completed in three stages:

Stage-1 Investigation: In the first phase of service-learning, Investigation, the students work to identify the community problem that will be addressed. The following shows the steps in the Investigation phase.

  • Identify community to serve.
  • Assess community needs.
  • Select a community need.
  • Develop a plan.

Stage-2 Planning and action:  In the second phase of service-learning students and the community members with whom you work will identify the community concern and determine the specific service that will be provided. Students have considerable voice in planning and preparation, making most of the decisions with guidance from their teachers. The action plan should have a detailed plan for how services will be provided, along with persons responsible, team members, timeline, resources needed, and indicators of success.
The following are steps in the Planning and Preparation phase:

  • Determine the nature of service to be provided.
  • Identify learning goals.
  • Develop an action plan.
  • Engage in reflection.

Stage-3 Exhibit Service outcomes
At the end of each term there will be a show where students and community members will display their learning out comes.

Apart of these community projects students can be involved in school promoted activities: e.g.

  • Student can be the part of school’s student Council.
  • Teacher assistance
  • Library assistance
  • Newsletter Committee
  • Buddy Reading Schemes/PYP helpers
  • Fund Raising
  • To keep school’s campus clean
  • Volunteer work in annual function, orientation program, graduation day ceremony etc.

Students should strive to find a variety of community and service activities in order to broaden their horizons. The idea is to find a way to help others, especially someone who is less fortunate. It is an act that stresses the idea that it   is better to give than receive.

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