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Students of Choithram International attended Model United Nation’s BRUIN MUN in University of California (14–15 November, 2015)


Our first day in the glamorous city of Los Angeles comprised of fatigue and reluctance, zeal and eagerness. Hours elapsed at the pace of horse as we welcomed a night of cozy, tightand resuscitating slumber. The ensuing dawn magically and resplendently painted on the expansive firmament marked the fundamental, actual onset of the so very 10-days unforgettable sojourn in the country looked upon with utmost dignity and respect, United States of America. Appareling ourselves in ideal formal attires, capturing a few souvenirs in our cameras, we headed straight to the UCLA (University of California Los Angeles), where the enthralling 23rd episode of BruinMUN transpired. After the fortunate inauguration of the MUN, each one of us indulged into our committee sessions to commence debating. Rigorous debates addressed many colossal social, economical, political and cultural monsters brandishing threat to the global community and international security. These captivating debates fruited into efficacious solutions capable of untangling the clusters of deplorable nefariousness like female infanticide and foeticide, socio-political disharmony like censorship in media, economical and political tensions like deteriorating economy of Africa, globally ubiquitous issues like cyber warfare and cataclysmic terrorism. The first day satiated the hunger of not only merely fatigue, but irresistible fascination and intrigue. The second day continued the monotony of religious debates, and at the end, in the closing ceremony were awarded the delegates who performed exceptionally well. The students of Choithram International instead of carrying trophies, treasured some of the most memorable learning moments in the trove of their hearts. Also, how can the fact that each one of us developed lifelong international camaraderie which brimmed with knowledge and positivity be slurred over? Who indeed says that souvenirs are always monuments or mementos? Delightful, learning experiences and intelligent companionship stretching across the span of globe are richer than those,bearing a quintessence of a spectrum of positive quiddities.

CI impresses Fashion Watch at BRUIN MUN 2015!

CI students always make a good impression, be it their talent, their persona or their sartorial choices!
DP student Chirag Dhamani impressed the Fashion Watch at the BRUIN MUN 2015.


CI participates at Shishukunj MUN (16–18 October, 2015)

The MUN fever has spread in Indore. Students of Choithram International: Manshika, Pearl, Shaurya, Vikram, Krishni, Hiteshi, Mohammad Ali, Atharv, Jahnavi, Shivwani, Aditya, Smrutam and Khushi represented the school at Shishukunj MUN from 16 – 18 October 2015.

The following students were awarded:
Vikram – Best Delegate
Smrutam – High Commendation
Khushi – Special Mention
Shaurya – Verbal Mention

The students learnt to exercise their strengths and discovered what they need to work to be better MUNners.


CI-IIMUN 2015- The Leadership Conclave [09th – 11th October, 2015]

Indore is a city with a glorious past, an enthralling present and a promising future. Indore with its hardworking citizens, brilliant potential and natural beauty is the ideal “heart” of India.

Together with being the financial capital of Madhya Pradesh, Indore is the epitome of peace and tranquility, making it a pleasant conundrum.

A fast emerging city in India, Indore exerts a significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment and has been described as the commercial capital of the state.

IIMUN has returned to INDORE for its second consecutive conference, to spread knowledge and broaden horizons.

Within Indore, the name Choithram has represented trust and quality for over 45 years. In the premises of the Choithram Hospital and Research Centre, lies the inviting, green campus of Choithram International (CI) – an IB World School.

Choithram International, currently ranked in the top 20 IB schools and in the top 5 day-boarding schools of India, hosted the largest Indian International Model United Nations (IIMUN) on 9th October 2015 onwards.

09th October 2015 Evening: Opening Ceremony:

The CI-Indian International Model United Nations 2015 has been titled ‘The Leadership Conclave’, the opening ceremony for which was held in the Brilliant Convention Centre on the 9th Oct – evening.

The esteemed Chief Guest for the Opening Ceremony is Smt. Sumitra Mahajan –Hon’ble Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Smt. Mahajan has consented and has graced the event, addressed the audience and had an interaction with the students who are set to becoming the future of the nation.

Other renowned names on stage include former India’s Got Talent winner – Ragini Makkar and her Naadyog troupe, young and dynamic social entrepreneur and Director of IIMUN – Mr. Rishabh Shah, popular and the electrifying performer and music legend of Colonial Cousins fame, the Mascot of the IIMUN – Mr. Leslie Lewis.

IIMUN is a platform wherein young students from Grades 6-12 are encouraged to become political thinkers and work towards becoming responsible global citizens. The participating students, who are called delegates, are allotted countries, for which they become representative delegates at the sessions; they are divided into Committees and proceed to discuss pressing global issues set as “Agenda”, which presently have or will have international repercussions.

Through “MUN-ing” (as it is popularly called), students develop strong, positive facets of their personalities, which serve them not only in their school life, but enhance their world-view and holistic development for decades to come.

If the success of an event is measured by the attendance and the outcome, then the 2014 IIMUN was an event that was hugely successful, with over 3000 students and delegates attending from the topmost school of India. The outcome of the event was the unparalleled exposure and boost of confidence for CI students.

The 2015 CI-IIMUN was set to be even more grand an event than last year’s, and witnessed an attendance of more than 5000 students and delegates from premier educational intuitions across the country.


10th and 11th October 2015

The two day long discussions and debating at the IIMUN came to a close with some interesting resolutions being ratified and passed. Committees were filled with innovative suggestions and new ideas, which all strived to solve the issues at hand. The resolutions of a couple of the major committees at this Model United Nations Conference, are given below.


Agenda: Discussion on the articles 370 and 371

After raging debate, the Lok Sabha of CI-IIMUN Indore decided to form a special committee to compile a human development index for identified hilly areas, under the discretion of the President, Supreme Court and High Court Judges of Manipur. Moreover, the decentralisation of magistrate-level courts and an amendment to Article 371- A allowing a local resident to be the Ex-Officio Chairman to the Executive Council of the Tuensang district, were supported by the majority.


Agenda: Reforms to the United Nations Security Council

In the conference’s most dynamic committee, the resolution passed strives to undermine and recreate some of the United Nation’s most fundamental articles. Primarily, the Security Council at CI-IIMUN Indore suggested that the election of five UN Member States, apart from the Permanent Five, should take place. These five states should be granted the same privileges, including the veto, as the Permanent members, on a rotation basis of five years. Further suggestions included: the election of Member States to the Security Council to a shortened term of three years and the decision that the Veto Power of the Permanent Member States of the committee can be effectively overridden if 4/5th of the Veto Powers decide to pass the resolution. This, the committee encourages, should be done by the legalisation of this process by the Sixth General Assembly, i.e. the Legal Committee. Lastly, the creation of an emergency seat was recommended, wherein a country involved in a particular issue is given the right to attend the discussions of the Security Council, regardless of whether they hold a seat in the SC, at the time.

With other resolutions, including those recommending action towards global issues such as Ebola, and national ones such as the recent Greek Eurozone Crisis, the conference was a hub of vitality and enthusiasm. This was only possible because everyone was working towards the same goal: to make the world a better place.















Youth fervor in Social Night @CI after full day’s debating session @CI-IIMUN2015

After a day full of debating sessions in various committees, the delegates got the outlet to unwind and loosen themselves to the beat of the music belted out by DVJ Vicky in the Social Night at Choithram International. He owns central India’s only professional DJ academy, which is an experimental music institute.

His session with the Choithram International – IIMUN’s delegates in the school campus at 5, Manik Bagh Road comprised of such music that party lovers of the present generation love, that is, Retro, Rock, Tech-house, Progressive house, Hip-hop, Disco Mashups and some Bollywood.Colash_Social

The delegates enjoyed themselves immensely with the ambience created for their enjoyment. In fact many among them look forward to attending the Choithram International – IIMUN next year too.

11th October 2015 Evening: Closing Ceremony:

‘The Leadership Conclave’ thus comes to a close today. The delegates have enjoyed the 3 days of the conference immensely. Mr. Dilip Vasu, the Head of School, addressed the delegates hoping that they learnt from this experience and are able to use this in their lives. Mr. Rishabh Shah motivated the delegates by asking them to carry on with their MUN-ing.  Mr. Jainish Shah, Director-General of IIMUN Indore also addressed the delegates and encouraged them to participate in IIMUN Indore again the next year. The closing ceremony was also marked by a melodious musical performance by Priyal Jain and Aalind, students of Choithram International. A special IIMUN video prepared by the International Press was unveiled. The awards given away were: Best Delegation, Best Delegate, High Commendation and Special Mention. Along with these awards, the Executive Board members and Organizing committee were honoured with certificates.



CI participates in the 5th NIMUN in Vadodara, Gujarat [4th and 5th September’2015]

Choithram International was invited to the 5th Navrachana International Model United Nations [NIMUN 5]. It was held on the 4th and 5th September’2015 at the Vadodara, Gujarat.

NIMUN has been a very charged and stimulating experience for participating students.
This years simulation featured seven committees of the UNO, which are carefully chosen
to challenge the enthusiastic with the dynamic opportunity to engage with global issues. They are:
1. United Nations Security Council (UNSC)
2. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
3. Disarmament and International Security Committee (UNGA1-DISEC)
4. Economic and Financial Committee (UNGA2-ECOFIN)
5. Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (UNGA3-SOCHUM)
6. World Health Organisation (WHO)
7. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Nimun 5 witnessed Press Corps in action in recognition of the crucial role the emancipated press plays in any global crisis. Both exciting and challenging, and with access to all committee proceedings, the Press Corps had the opportunity to view the debate from the perspective of International Media.

The eight students (Anubhav, Bhavish, Mayur, Rahul, Shubham, Trishi, Smrutam, and Virti) attended NiMUN 2015 from 4th September 2015 to 5th September 2015 at Vadodara, where they experienced highly charged exciting debating sessions on both the days.
The Navrachana International School had organized the conference in a grand manner. The Opening Ceremony was graced by an eminent personality Padma Bhushan Lord Bhiku Parekh, who motivated the delegates in the gathering by expounding his knowledge on world affairs.
The school delegation which was assigned the country China was made up of first time MUNers mostly from MYP 4 and 5, other than Smrutam from DP 1 who won the Best Delegate Award from the committee of WHO.

The concluding session witnessed the simulation of the General Assembly to address a crisis situation.


CI participates in IIMUN in the city of Mumbai (Maharashtra, India) [20th to 23rd of August 2015]

Indian International Model United Nation championship conference, Amby Valley City

One of the most prestigious MUN Conferences in India was hosted this year by Amby Valley. All the winners of the state chapters would debate for the championship trophy. Our school was invited too. A team of 11 students were ready to go. All of them were preparing hard and put in the extra efforts to get an award.

On 20th August our MUNing team was all set to go. They were on the first flight to Mumbai. During the one and half hour in the air the students or rather delegates discussed their research and plans for the conference. Our faculty adviser, Mrs. Deepa gave her valuable guidance to the excited young MUNers. The students also had a brief discussion on the social and cultural events. By the time the discussion was the flight landed at Bombay airport. At the airport the students took some snacks and quickly rushed to the bus.

They were received by the transportation in charge of the IIMUN organising council.
Soon the team was on the bus to amby valley. During the drive Sujay and Rusheek discussed their ideas with Mrs. Deepa. She gave them some really innovative ideas and some tips too. The students also enjoyed the scenic view from the bus. After a long drive of 4 hours the team reached the venue for the conference. The students quickly went to their rooms and dressed in western business attire for they were eagerly waiting for the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremonies started with a surprise. A famous actress, Mrs. Vidhya Baalan was giving the first speech. Following her were many esteemed speakers including a spokesperson of the Secretary General of United Nations and a former Under Secretary General. They enlightened the young minds with words of wisdom and motivation. They spoke about different topics ranging from the rights of woman to ebola. The Honourable speakers gave the leaders of future the opportunity to ask questions and become more informed. Soon after the opening ceremony everyone quickly ate the dinner and slept.

On the second day, the students woke up early and groomed themselves for a day full of ardent debate. They ate the breakfast and hurried to the committee rooms. The first session of the committee was basically about lobbying and giving policy statements. The students made some good friends and allies. By the third session everyone was busy drafting working papers but none of the students could complete it because another speaker session was awaiting them. This time it was Amish Tripaty, Kiran Bedi and KTS Tulsi. All of the speakers were simply brilliant and shared with the students their experiences and gave some really useful advices on life. Another speaker that inspired most of the students was Anu Aga. Listening to her was dream come true for many and her speech was just ‘wow’. Following the speaker session we had our dinner. Next some of the students went to the rooms and slept while some enjoyed the social.

The third day was the most enjoyable one. The executive board put up a showcase committee session to show the diplomats in becoming how to debate, argue and lobby. It was great to hear the chairs debate. That sessions definitely gave the students some new tricks and ideas. After the showcase session we moved to our committee rooms. Most of the committees discussed draft working papers and formulated draft resolutions. The third day ended with social criticism with comedy from the famous AIB participants. One cannot forget the extraordinary fountain show and of course the delegate dance was awesome.

On the fourth day most committees had passes resolution so their members just chilled while some delegates debated hard to pass their resolutions. Following that the students grabbed some snacks and were on the bus back to Mumbai. They learnt new tricks, enhanced their public speaking skills and made some friends. Our school was honoured to have three students with verbal mention namely Sujay Jain, Vikramjeet Singh Sokhey and Kushi Karnawat.


CI participates in the HMUN India (13th Aug to 16th August, 2015)

HMUN- Harvard Model United Nations- is an annual conference that is hosted in Hyderabad since 2011. Participation in HMUN India was rewarded richly with experience in international politics.
It awed to being such wide collaboration by students, role-playing international dignitaries! CI delegates were in the Historical Council of the Habsburg Empire. Rather than the usual large number of delegates, there were actually 20 delegates in the committee, which made the committee sessions rather informal and relaxing.
Alongwith the cooperation amongst the council members, the sense that students are doing something to change the world, gave them the feeling that was beyond compare.
There were Speaker sessions where important dignitaries such as RBI Governor Raghuram Govind Rajan, actress Nandita Das, Buddhist nun and UNICEF ambassador Ani Choying Drolma gave them illuminating discourses.
Of course Social Events: Delegate Dance, Director’s pageant, HMUN India’s Got Talent and Faculty Advisors’ Master Chef provided a satisfying blend to the end of every day’s committee sessions.
CI looks forward to attending the next year’s HMUN.


Daly-Emerald Model United Nations Conference in the city of Indore (Madhya Pradesh, India)

20th to the 22nd of April, 2015

Daly- Emerald Model United Nations conference was a great learning experience for all the students. This MUN conference was jointly hosted by Daly College and Emerald Heights International School. This conference had an eclectic mix of committees, ranging from the Futuristic Security Council to the Ministry of Magic. The students prepared hard for this conference; They researched their topics thoroughly, came up with innovative solutions and prepared important speeches. Finally the three days of the conference started. All the students were excited and
nervous too. The opening ceremony was fabulous and the presence of Mr. Bob as the key note speaker added more fun to it. After the opening ceremony the committee sessions started. All the students showed exceptional understanding of the topics and proposed practical solutions. Leaving aside the debate the socials added fun to the already enthralling experience. The social on the first day was all about culture and on the second day it was time for delegate dance. All the students enjoyed dancing on the tunes of the DJ. The closing ceremony was held on the evening of third day of the conference, with the cultural programme of Daly College Band and Bihu Dance. Also, the audience was enlightened by the words of wisdom by Mr. Ved Pratap Vaidik. Finally the conference came to an end with Sujay Jain winning the Best delegate for the United Nations Emergency Summit and Rushik Rawal secured an honorable mention for the ministry of magic. To sum up DEMUN 2015 was a must and fun filled learning experience for all delegates.


Daly College Model United Nations Conference (Junior MUN) in the city of Indore (Madhya Pradesh, India)

8th of February, 2015

Students from Choithram International participated in the Daly College Model United Nations Conference (Junior MUN) which was held at The Daly College, Indore on 8th February, 2015. This was a conference for classes 5, 6 and 7 students.
The committees were –
2. Human Rights Council

Student Reflection on Daly College Model United Nations

“DCMUN junior edition 2015 was a superb experience. I had been preparing since long for the MUN conference. I wanted to get at least a high commendation this time although this was just the 2nd MUN conference for me. I had researched hard. I also made a draft resolution and working paper before hand. I was little nervous when the committee session started but I regained by confidence just after delivering my first speech. I raised a couple of motions for moderated caucuses but the committee failed them. This disappointed me because the MODS. I had raised were very important. I talked to the chairperson and suggested that I try one more time. He said that if the committee fails the MODS. this time he would use his discretion. I tried one more time, the committee again failed my motion but the chair was bound to pass it, he passed it using his discretion. Then everything went just the way I wanted it to. My working paper as well as my resolution got passed with a fantastic majority of 25/29. Later after a short snack break the award ceremony began. I crossed my fingers as our chair announced the name of the best delegate. Although he didn’t actually announce, the delegates of my committee yelled “Belgium” as the chair said “ this delegate was the most active person in the committee” and the chair confirmed. I was on the ninth cloud. All my hard work had paid off. I think the DCMUN Jr. 2015 was a great learning experience for me.”
- Sujay Jain, MYP 2A


21st – 23rd November 2014

The IIMUN hosted by Choithram International, Indore was a grand success and we have a strong team to thank for that.

From its inception, the idea of bringing the IIMUN to Indore created a hustle-bustle among students and teachers and everyone wanted to be part of this historical event.

When the dream was close to fruition, the MUN fever was high and all everyone could talk about was what was to unfold on 21st November 2014.

Here is an overview of the sequence of events for the three days of the landmark CI-IIMUN.


On the first day, delegates from out of Indore arrived at their hotels. The Opening Ceremony was held in the evening at 6pm, in the majestic Brilliant Convention Center, Vijaynagar.

The event had five inspiring Key Note Speakers invited for the 3000-strong audience of students and teachers. The speeches were peppered with scintillating dance performances, culminating into one grand musical closing.

The Sequence of events for Day One was as follows:

  1. Introductory Video for IIMUN
  2. Speaker 1 – Director IIM-I, Prof. Rishikesha T. Krishnan
  3. Dance Performance by Dance India Dance – Indore Group
  4. Speaker 2 – VP – Pearl Academy, Col. Surojit Bose
  5. Dance Performance by India’s Got Talent winners Mrs. Ragini Makkar & Troupe
  6. Speaker 3 – Mentor – Indore Management Association, Mr. Jagdish Verma
  7. Speaker 4 – Founder – Mr. Anil Satwani, Symbiotech Pharmaceuticals
  8. Speaker 5 – Principal – Mr. Dilip Vasu, Choithram International
  9. Speaker 6 – Founder – IIMUN, Rishabh Shah
  10. Reading of Letter of Appreciation by Hon’ble Speaker of Lok Sabha, Smt. Sumitra Mahajan
  11. Musical performance by Pop Star Leslie Lewis


The second day began with registrations for the committees and then the commencement of the sessions.

The following were the Committees and Topics:

  1. Committee 1 – Lok Sabha – FDI in Retail
  2. Committee 2 – UNICEF – Safe Drinking Water
  3. Committee 3 – UNODC – Human Trafficking
  4. Committee 4 – Security Council – Situation in the South China Sea
  5. Committee 5 – HRC – Juvenile Rights in Africa
  6. Committee 6 – International Press
  7. Committee 7 – Legal Committee – Status of international legal instruments relating to the prevention and suppression of international terrorism
  8. Committee 8 – DISEC – Nuclear warfare for DPRK (North Korea) and Iran

The Sequence of events for Day Two was as follows:

09:00 – Registration

09:15 – Committee Session 1

12:00 – 13:30 – Lunch

13:30 – Committee Session 2

15:00 – High Tea

15:30 – Committee Session 3

18:00 – End of Committee Sessions

19:30 – Social Night and Dinner


The Sequence of events for Day Three was as follows:

09:00 – School Photo Session

09:30 – Committee Session 1

12:00 – 13:30 – Lunch

13:30 – Committee Session 2

15:00 – High Tea

15:30 – Committee Session 3

16:00 – End of Committee Sessions

16:30 – Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony details were as follows:

  1. Speech by Ms. Aashka Mehta, Director – IIMUN
  2. Committee – wise Prize Distribution
  3. Speech by Mr. Dilip Vasu, Principal – Choithram International
  4. Announcement of the Best Delegation
  5. Organising Committee Prize Distribution
  6. Speech by Mrs. Deepa Chhabra, IIMUN Convener – Choithram International
  7. Event endorsement by Ms. Lata Mangeshkar

All in all, the Indore chapter of IIMUN, hosted by Choithram International, was a hugely successful, milestone event, not only for the school but for the entire city.

Indian International Model United Nations – Mumbai 2014

15th – 17th August 2014

Being a group of avid debaters and wanting to participate in one of those much – heard of Model United Nations, we were offered the chance to be a part of the biggest MUN in Asia, hosting above 2000 delegates, 17 committees and a collection of reputed dignitaries gracing the event.

This phenomenal event began on the 14th August with an opening ceremony in Barda, a suburb in Mumbai, where the event was graced by speakers such as Rahul Bose, Imran Khan, Allas Ababa, Muzzader Khan and Dr. Shashi Tharoor among others, who conducted fruitful question answer sessions with a highly interactive audience. Their topics ranged from UN peace conflicts and choreography to philanthropy and social entrepreneurship. Inter – cultural dances and a rock finale by Leslie Lewis depicting farmer suicides topped off this spectacular opening, and left us gasping in anticipation.

The MUN began the next morning, with committees commencing around 10 o’clock; agendas were set, countries gauged their opponents and allies while lifelong friends were made. Interacting with our fellow delegates, we began to learn more about their schools, their school – life hardships and this began our friendship; though this was forgotten as delegates of Israel and Palestine approached the dais, defending their country rights.Topics ranged from the drafting of the Polar Code and international aviation law, to agricultural FTA’s and the long – standing Cyprus Issue.

The next day of this conference began, following a comedy session the previous night, which had delegates rolling around in mirthful laughter. This next day was eventful; a crises was introduced in nearly all of the seventeen committees; a ship was hijacked in the Gulf of Aden, India broke away from the BRICS and China was accused of aiding terrorism in the twenty-first century! Each committee, after hours of frantic debate, drafted declarations and, with a sigh of relief, resolved our world’s most deadly and frightening simulated crises! It was thoroughly full of excitement!

The last day was the completing of the remaining agendas, as delegates worked frantically to pass their resolutions, before the clock struck 12, signalling the end of the event. With this, our DP delegates, who include Ajesh Lingwal, Mithali Rajagopalan, Bhoomi Sharma, Ruchika Saini, Varsha Patidar and Sreevidya Ayyar, left this memorable event, having seen the world in a nutshell, right there in a resort in the outskirts of Mumbai.



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