Admission Policy
Choithram International exists to provide quality international education in English for 3 -­‐19 year old students.The school welcomes applications from students regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion. The school makes every effort to accept all qualified students who possess good study habits who apply, subject to limitations of seats.

Admission Criteria
• Admission is open to students who can profit from a challenging, international, university preparatory education offered in the English language. As the academic programme is demanding, with a strong language component, students with good reading habits and language base will be given preference for students who are admitted in MYP or DP.

•Enrolment is possible only when the admission is open (generally between Dec to June) – subject to
availability of seats.

The first step to admission is inquiry at the front desk.

• A registration fee of Rs 1000 for PYP and MYP and Rs 5000 for DP is to be paid to the school administrator
to cover the necessary material and administration costs.

• The student then needs to appear for a written test of English and Mathematics (mandatory) and any
other subjects that he/ she are opting for (relevant for DP). The admission tests are as per the age appropriate and phase appropriate based on national and international curricula. The tests assess the skills and knowledge. The
purpose of the tests is to gauge the level of student’s understanding of the subject. Accordingly the school provides learning support if required based on the performance of the student.

• Written examination will be followed by personal interaction of the parent and the child with the
coordinators followed by interview with the Head of school. The ultimate discretion lies with the Head of school.

NOTE: In keeping with the philosophy of international education, CI does offer places to expatriate students who
do not yet have fluency in English, but who can demonstrate a need for international education. To be allowed to
complete the programme, the student in this case must acquire sufficient language skills within a reasonable period of time and demonstrate it in academic performance.


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