Residential Life At Choithram International, we know it is not easy for all students to become boarders. However, our main goal is to provide an environment where the school residence does become a home away from home. We believe that the school residence is a place where students will feel safe and secure and can grow into confident and responsible Homosapiens. We aim to provide a supportive, nurturing environment that treats the student with respect and provides rights and responsibilities to all.

Life in a school residence is what distinguishes boarding schools from all others. It is an area of great opportunity, where lasting relationships can be found, where personal growth can be nurtured, and where the habits and pleasures of intellectual pursuits can be shared. However, there is always a need for clear boundaries and trust. The key rule to follow is that of respect to ensure that residential life is as safe and productive as possible.

Indeed, the most important aspect of community living involves the way students treat each other and interact in the residences. Choithram International places a great deal of importance on conduct that exemplifies responsibility and concern for others. Students are expected to respect the rights and property of other students, faculty and the school.

Students living in residences have a right to an environment conducive to study, personal safety and positive social growth. The ultimate responsibility for the residential program rests with the Head of Residence. House parents assist the Head of Residence to ensure that every student’s welfare, social, academic and emotional support is being met. House Parents play a vital role in providing such an environment, but they cannot do it all. Each resident must take an active part to ensure the smooth operation of the house.




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