” IB Diploma Programme is a very well-structured, academically challenging and a thought-provoking two years course. I had the chance of being a part of this wonderful course four years back and I can confidently say that it has had a profound impact on my life ahead of high school. The course has been regarded as one of the best among all the higher secondary courses all over the world and its academic breadth and depth are universally appreciated. Personally speaking, I had found the three core requirements of IB really special that include ‘Theory of Knowledge’, ‘Extended Essay’ and ‘Creativity, Action and Service’. Whilst TOK made me a better inquirer and an appreciator of different academic disciplines, writing the extended essay improved my research skills and gave me a flavour of how serious academic research is conducted at universities. The benefits of CAS had been wide ranging and have made me a better and a complete human being. My IB journey at Choithram International School has been very special and a memorable one. I learnt from excellent teachers and interacted with friends from different parts of the world including the UK, the US, Brazil, Kenya etc. I wholeheartedly recommend any aspiring candidate to pursue this amazing programme. The skills developed during the two years will help throughout his/her life.”                              

                                                                                                                                      – Amit Singhi (Alumni, IB DP class of 2012 )